Teacher-Training Program

The Isa Fund has provided us with a 3-year grant to place six of our top students in a fulltime
Teacher-Training Program. Some of these students have been attending our Critical-Thinking
Program since 2010. See update from our summer newsletter on the students and the school.

This program is dedicated to the loving memory of Christy Svanemyr, who left us so soon. We also want
to honor and appreciate the trust that Vegar Svanemyr has placed in our work, for his big heart and
that of their daugther Isa. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

This Teacher-Training Program has been a dream of the co-founders since they first began the
work of the foundation. The six selected students, in the first two pictures above with the co-
founders of the Integral Heart Foundation, began their studies on May 1, 2015.

a’s Kids

The beginning of this program is already happening and the teenagers, although they have been selected for a long time, had to pass several tests and some changes had to be made in our original selection in the final stages.

The most important part was for to make sure they were passionate about the program and most of all learning and digging into existential questions and philosophical matters. We also figured out, as best we could, the reasons for that passion and their urge to manifest their knowledge in a country that really needs thinkers in order to change.

They are all really thrilled because they never dreamt of having an opportunity like this since they come from the most humble environments. Most of their friends and neighbors are already working in environments close to slavery and/or married and with children. We also made sure to tell them that they were going to receive a small training sponsorship, and it was so thrilling to see their faces lighting up with the simple possibility of entering a full time program of deep learning.

By paying them a small training sponsorship we avoid the need for them to have to work in order to support or help their families and this leaves them free to study and learn fulltime. They also signed contracts and committed for three years with this program. 

When their training is over, and other students begin theirs, the graduated ones will be teaching new students and going out and offer their knowledge to the community, schools and other non-profit associations.

Their teachers:
The classes are scheduled so that the teens will have Spanish, English, Philosophy, Psychology, Classic Deep Reading Assignments, Teaching Skills, Public Speaking Training, Big Mind, Mindfulness, and Meditation classes in the same teaching space we have been in for the past few years in Antigua.

The teachers we have selected to train the six students are all individuals we personally know for years since we have been in Guatemala. They all are local, qualified and highly reliable. They also have committed with us for the time of the program and wish to continue later on.

Mick and I will also lead group workshops in our own personal space and a two follow ups per week in the first year with the teens, one in person, one by skype.

Assigned readings:
The teens will have reading assignments, depending on the length of the assigned books they must read two each by the end of this year. In November we will do a retreat in our home where the kids will come to stay for some days camping and we will do discussions about the books and the moral repercussions from all of them.

Victor Hugo: Les Miserables

Leon Tolstoy: The Cossacks; The Death of Ivan Ilyich

Fiodor Dostoyevski: Crime and Punishment; The Karamazov Brothers; The Idiot

Franz Kafka: The Trial

Other titles: (they are all in Spanish and as above already on the way from Amazon)


Ken Wilber: La Visión Integral

Eckhart Tolle: El Silencio Habla

Genpo Roshi: Gran Mente Gran Corazón

Jostein Gaarder: El Mundo de Sofía

Ken Wilber: Una teoría de Todas las Cosas

Ken Wilber: Espiritualidad Integral

Ken Wilber: Boomeritis

Nicolás de Maquiavelo: El Príncipe

Tomas Moro: Utopía

Platón: El Banquete

Platón: La República

Jeff Carreira: La Filosofía no es un lujo

Amy Edelstein: Amor, Matrimonio y Evolución

Stephen Schlesinger, Stephen Kinzer: Fruta Amarga (Bitter Fruit: The CIA in Guatemala)

Hermann Hesse: Siddhartha

David Hume: Historia Natural de la Religión

John Locke: Ensayo Sobre el Entendimiento Humano

Dhammapada – La Enseñanza del Buda

Aldous Huxley: Un Mundo Feliz

Sun Tzu: El Arte de la Guerra

Andrew Cohen: La Promesa de la Perfección

Mick Quinn: El Camino Desacostumbrado

Chuch Laughlin and Karen Sage: Samurai Selling

Robert Kiyosaki y Sharon Lechter: Padre Rico y Padre Pobre

Scott Peck: El Camino Menos Transitado

Gabriel García Márquez: Cien Años de Soledad

Isabel Allende: La Casa de los Espíritus

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