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mick_quinn_photo.gifDebora and Mick teaching
mick_quinn_photo.gifthe basics of the Integral
mick_quinn_photo.gifto a class of teens here in


To Ken Wilber, his wisdom, his
mick_quinn_photo.gifAQAL maps, and the firestorm
mick_quinn_photo.gifhis work has ignited in human
mick_quinn_photo.gifconsciousness, we are forever
mick_quinn_photo.gifgrateful ~  Mick and Debora.

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mick_quinn_photo.gifMichael 'Mugaku' Zimmerman
mick_quinn_photo.gifskypes in for a class on Zen
mick_quinn_photo.gifwith one of our classes here
mick_quinn_photo.gifin Guatemala.


Curriculum Maps   

Our curriculum maps are influenced in part on the lifework of American author
en Wilber. His work formulates what he calls Integral Theory. 
Ken has written over 25 books that have been translated into some 57 languages.
We also integrate three other theories and practices that have emerged in
human awareness over the past fifty years. See explanation links on left.


Our curriculum map includes (but will not be limited to):

First Quadrant: Individual Interior, the ‘I’:  
Big Mind, Philosophy, Spiral Dynamics, Zen Meditation, 
Shadow, Morals, Perspectives, and Values.

Second Quadrant: Collective Interior, the ‘We’: 
Ethics, Religions, Sexual Relationships, Integral Parenting, 
Work Relationships, and our Relationships with different Species.

Third Quadrant:
Individual Exterior, the’ It’: Martial Arts, Diet, Dreams, Sciences, 
Energy, Exercise, and Behaviors.

Fourth Quadrant:
Collective Exterior, the ‘Its’: Economics/Money, Law, Family, 
Social Structures, Health Systems, Governments, Education, 
and Anthropology. 


At the Integral School we introduce these perspectives to allow for the
rapid development of the awareness of the students.

For more on the work of Ken Wilber and Integral please see:


About Guatemala:
Guatemala is a republic. It is 108,890 square kilometers (42,042 square miles),
that is about the size of Virginia, half the size of the UK and a little bigger
than Ireland. Guatemala is the next country south of Mexico and with a
population of 14 million people, it is the second most densely populated
country in Central America.

*Ken Wilber in not personally involved with the work of
The Integral Heart Foundation.

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