Sharing your life experience

There are always openings within our programs where we can use your help. And if not with our organization, we will be happy to connect you with the other great organizations with whom we collaborate where we are sure you will also enjoy being a volunteer.

To get started
Please tell us a little about yourself and send us a resume if you have one. Also, link up with us via Facebook or other social medias; it is always nice to put a face to the name.

And, if not, that's okay, too, not everybody is a social-media butterfly!

Here are some important questions to think about; 

How long do you think you will be available to volunteer?

Have you ever volunteered before?

Would you like to teach, work with children, build things?

And, would you like us to suggest accommodations when
you are here?

We can put you in touch with trustworthy and verified host families, that cost about $80 for bed
and 3 meal per day per week and we can also suggest several great hotels and hostels starting
about $7 per day. See below for contact information.

Learn Spanish, Create Change.
Consider also that when you are here in Antigua to learn Spanish. We partner with Cambio
Spanish School
in recommending their services. Taking class with Cambio brightens the future
of the children of Ninos de Guatemala. 100% of Cambio's proceeds are donated to educational
projects benefiting their children.
Click here to learn more.

A word from Jen who volunteered at one of our kindergartens!

"My experience working with the kindergarten was so much fun and I loved helping out with the children! They are all bright, beautiful, and sweet that one would never know the oftentimes sad living conditions of their home life that they come from. Its truly amazing
that the Kindergarten with Integral Heart allows for these youngsters to come to a safe and comforting place each day to learn, laugh, play and just be allowed to be children, which is what I think should be a right for all children, not only in Guatemala, but

While I was there, I would bring snacks in the morning and purchased new toys and books for the classroom. I loved how the children were eager to hear a new story from a new book since they had had the same ones in the classroom and were already quite
accustomed to the stories that they had heard many times before. 

One of my most memorable days was when I sat in front of the class reading a book to them that was in English, but I had to translate it into Spanish for them out loud as I read along in my
mind. This definitely helped me out with my Spanish as well!

It was truly a joy to come in the mornings and be greeted with hugs and bright smiles
from these sweet little darlings!"  Jen Martinez - New York City.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Mick, Debora and all Team!

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