Wisdom Speaker Event Series

As part of our Integral Education Program we invite expert speakers to share their wisdom, in-person or by
video-Skype, with the students, staff and invited guests. Join our newsletter for news of upcoming events.

December 2015:
Kristie Simson & Renata Keller - What Moves You!

Teachers Kristie Simon and Renata Keller joined us our full day Wisdom Speaker Series with our 
Critical-Thinking Teenagers and invited guests. For more photos see our full photo album here.

November 2014:
Terry Patten - Self and Empowerment

Author and spiritual teacher Terry Patten joined us for 2 full days with our Critical-Thinking Teenagers.
For more photos from Terry's visit please see our full photo album here.

December 2013:
Amy Edelstein - Morals, Ethics and Compassion
Amy Edelstein joined us and our students in-person this year. She delivered a one-day
seminar on moral, ethics and changing the world to our Critical Thinking / Integral
Philosophy teenagers. Amy also participated in our first annual Meditate-to-Educate
fundraiser. For more photos see the complete album.

May 2013:
Andrew Cohen - Self Development

Teacher and author Andrew Cohen came in to Guatemala live by video-skype for an hour and a half question
and answer session with our Critical-Thinking / Philosophy Program teens! A brilliant and illuminating
morning in Antigua Guatemala. For more photos, please our album here.

January 2013: Patrick Goonan - Secrets of Success

Patrick hosted a very fun morning with our Critical-Thinking/Integral Philosophy
teenagers here in Guatemala. He has an M.A., Integral Psychology,  John F. Kennedy
University and is an
HR, Organizational Development, Training & Coaching
Professional. He works with individuals and organizations in the areas of personal
growth, company culture, leadership training and change management.

January 2012: Kelly Soon Fogarty - The Four Noble Truths

Kelly Fogarty is one of Debora's senior Zen monks from Salt Lake City, Utah.
She gave two in-person talks on The Buddha's Four Noble Truths at the
schools in Jocotenango and San Mateo where we teach our weekly philosophy
classes. Click on images below for photos. 

June 2011: Jeff Carreira - Evolutionary Enlightenment:

jeff-carreira-pic.jpg (26092 bytes)

This event was held at: Centro
de Ideas
: a private venue, by
invitation only for special events
such as corporate projects and
long term strategic planning.
Our thanks to Derek Steele and
his wife Rosita, who also works
with children in San Antonio
Aguas Calientes, Guatemala.
I realized pretty quickly that we were never going to get to the tenets because they are so amazingly engaging. I could hardly believe that it was possible to share with them such a deeply spirtualized
view of evolution. Once we got started I couldn't stop!
- Jeff Carreira

As the former Director of Education at EnlightenNext, Jeff Carreira
oversaw the education and membership programs which support a
growing global network of individuals committed to guiding humanity
through an evolutionary leap in consciousness. Over the past 16 years
he has become one of the leading representatives of EnlightenNext
founder Andrew Cohen and his teaching of Evolutionary Enlightenment.
Carreira gives talks and seminars around the world and also trains and
supervises other teachers and seminar leaders. 
You can see more photos of this event here.

March 2011: Michael Mugaku Zimmerman Sensei

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Michael Mugaku Zimmerman spoke with the the students of our philosophy
and meditation classes about Zen and letting go of the thinking mind.

Michael Mugaku Zimmerman, Sensei, was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1943. 
He graduated from the University of Utah and then attended its law school. 
Following graduation, he moved to Washington, D.C., for a judicial clerkship, 
then to Los Angeles, where he worked for a large law firm in Los Angeles until 
1976, when he returned to Utah to teach law briefly. He served as part-time 
special counsel to the Governor, had a litigation law practice, and served as a Justice and then Chief Justice of 
the Utah Supreme Court. In 2000, he returned to the practice of law and is a partner in a multi-state firm. He
he received Dharma Transmission from Genpo Roshi in December 2006.

January 2011: Andre Norman - Motivational Speaker

Andre Norman is an inspirational speaker specializing in motivation and
leadership. His keynote lectures derive from personal experiences. His
resiliency and perseverance helped him survive an abusive father,
illiteracy, gangs and prison. Andre J. Norman has years of experience in
working with those who are struggling to overcome the challenges of 
rebuilding life outside the confines of prisons and addiction.

Andre did nine talks during his five-day visit to Guatemala, speaking to
over 1,200 student, teachers, and NGO staff members. His website is

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Andre inspired the lives and dreams of over 1,200 people here in Guatemala during his visit.
A video  of Andre doing a house visit with us after one of his motivation talks: Andre speaking to 350 teens at the
INEB High School in Jocotenango.

September 2010:
Jessica Roemischer - PianoBeautiful.com

wpe5.jpg (37125 bytes)Thanks to the power of Skype video we are able to bring in  experts to speak 
with the students of our philosophy and  meditation classes.

Jessica Roemischer of Pianobeautiful.com gave a talk to the kids at the Scheel 
Center through Skype about the power of evolution through creating a musical 
piece. The kids also got to witness the video of Jessica playing piano with Hope, 
one of our students. It was a really special for the kids here to see everything 
that is possible with the power of music. They directly experienced inner peace 
and happiness, it was truly incredible. Jessica also shared the story of Hope and how no one ever thought she 
could get to where she is now. It was a very empowering talk and we want to deeply appreciate Jessica's time 
and collaboration with us in the development of our kids. R
ead Jessisca Roemischer's blog about her experience.

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For more photos of this Piano Beautiful event, see this album.

2010: Eva Malia - Psychotherapist and Coach
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As part of our Wisdom Speaker Series, licensed psychotherapist and personal coach Eva Malia gave talks to the mothers at both The Scheel Center and Brillo de Sol Project in Guatemala.

"Domestic violence and sexual violence are at the forefront on most women's minds in Guatemala according to my interaction with mothers during speaking at the Scheel Center and the Centro Brillo de Sol during my trip to visit your work.

It was truly a humbling experience to be in the midst of so many people desperate to reach for the equality inherent to them as human beings and to generally improve the nature of their situations. They remind me that happiness is much simpler than it seems, but without equality amongst people, that happiness is also taken away."

Eva Malia is a licensed psychotherapist in the state of Rhode Island. She has worked for many years with survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse, and has performed hundreds of presentations and trainings in the community related to these issues. She currently works in private practice in Providence where she specializes in the treatment of severe anxiety disorders through the integration of western and eastern psychology. Eva practices Zen and yoga, and loves photography and dance.

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